Thursday, May 31, 2018

It's been a while...

Dear friends and family, the leadership of my province gave me a new assignment: effective July 1, I will be serving as part our community's ministry in Tucson, Arizona, called Jordan Ministry Team. This ministry is named for our founder, Venerable Francis Mary Jordan, who founded the Salvatorians in 1881.

JordanMinistry Team, where I will be serving, was established in 2001 by members of the three branches of our Salvatorian "Family" to support the work of the Diocese of Tucson, a "mission diocese" that includes the lower-third of Arizona. This diocese includes more than 47,000 square miles and our ministry helps with the training of permanent deacons and lay ministers, with a special focus on training catechists and teachers. Given the needs of this local church, Jordan Ministries provides an invaluable service, especially in rural areas where the needs of parishes and schools are so, so great. Our hope is to begin offering our services beyond the borders of the Diocese of Tucson in the coming months.

Please know that I feel humbled and honored that my religious community has placed this trust in me.

Over the course of the coming year, as I begin sharing in the work of Jordan Ministries, I will continue working on my doctoral thesis for Catholic Theological Union and I will also continue my regular writing commitments with Aleteia, Liturgical Press, LPI, and Cornerstone Media. I will return to Milwaukee in mid-June to conclude my ministries there and I will return to Tucson in mid-July. Please pray for me during these coming weeks. Please consider following Jordan Ministry on Facebook and Twitter and, if you're able, I hope you will consider supporting our ministry. The needs are great, but I firmly believe in this ministry and that we all share in this mission of forming disciples for today and tomorrow!