Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gospel Reflections

Several weeks ago, I was asked to begin writing a weekly series of reflections on the Sunday Gospels for Aleteia and, I'm happy to report, it seems to be going well.

Here is a snippet from this Sunday's reflection:
Like the women and men in that crowd, our lives are filled with choices. This holds true of our faith-life, as well. Although we might not think much about it, choices are a difficult reality because with every choice comes consequences. By committing ourselves to one choice—like extending or accepting a marriage proposal, being open to the gift of children, entering religious life, or simply making prayer a part of our daily lives—we are also choosing let go of other options. This happens in countless ways—big and small—throughout our lives.
The most serious choice we can make in life, however, is our decision to follow Christ. And this choice, like every other, also has consequences for the way we live our lives.
Jesus im Kriese Seiner Junger by Rembrandt

If you are interested in reading the full reflection (for the Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 23, 2015), please click here.

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